dazysweetdreame (dazysweetdreame) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Gravitation Vol. #1-8 For Sale

Getting rid of my Gravitation volumes, as I'm not planning to buy the rest of the series and need some cash. They are all $7 each including shipping to the US. The whole set is being sold for $50 including shipping to the US (you save $6). They are all in very good condition and I don't even think I have read Vol. 7 or Vol. 8... If you need pictures I can get some. If you have any questions e-mail me at dazysweetdreamer@yahoo.com

Status: (all are currently for sale)

Gravitation Vol. 1
Gravitation Vol. 2
Gravitation Vol. 3
Gravitation Vol. 4
Gravitation Vol. 5
Gravitation Vol. 6
Gravitation Vol. 7
Gravitation Vol. 8

Note: I accept Paypal ONLY
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