Kit (sisterite) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Ayumi Hamasaki - "STEP you / is this LOVE?" Single

Hello. I have a copy of Ayumi Hamasaki's single, "STEP you / is this LOVE?" that I'm looking to sell or trade.

This cd is in brand-new condition; it has never been taken out of it's case or original plasic wrapping. This cd also comes with a DVD. There are no cracks in the case; the obi is also still there.

I paid $29 USD for it, so if you'd like to buy it please make sure that you offer no less than half that price. There is no set starting price; please just make an offer.

If you'd like to trade instead of buy, I'm looking for a real (not bootleg) copy of the album "(miss)understood" or the single "Bold & Delicious / Pride". Either of these would be acceptable.
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