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Sailormoon stuff for sale!

Hay~ I have a few Sailormoon goods stuff for sale from back in the day :d I don't have room for this stuff anymore, so I'm hoping to find a good home for it :] Anyways, I'm selling them for a decent price, so if there is something you want, feel free to comment or email me (akaifreesia at yahoo dot com) and thanks for looking and helping me clean out my house :)!

The pics are resized with the web (sorry I'm lazy XD) so right click and view image if you wanna see it in full :d

LOT: Sailormoon R file folder + Sailor Moon stationary + 2 patches

Folder is in so-so condition. It's big though (bigger than 8x11 most definitely) and is perfect for school. Folder is 2 sided, so these are the 2 sides. Stationary was released int he US, totally cute picture from season 1 with stationary inside. I forget if I used the patches or not, but theyre in good if not great condition and you can tell by the picture they're not dirty or anything. Price for all 3: 5$

Sailormoon S Clear Hangbag

Bought this awhile ago and never used it. It's cute though, and the pictures do it no justice. It looks better in real life, and once you open it up and put stuff in it it'll be so much cuter :) It's a good size, about 12 inches tall. Price: 6$

Sailormoon R plastic container

So cute, I used it for awhile, and it's really convenient for small things like maybe jewelry or other various small things (I personally kept wall tacks and beads in it.) When you open it up, theres a whole part on the bottom empty and then a little "shelf" with a couple small compartments. It's used, but it never moved so it's in great condition. AUCTION IS FOR THE BLUE CHIBIUSA/RINI ONE ONLY. Price: 4$

Set of Sailormoon S plushies

I bought these a hella long time ago. I probably still have the boxes somewhere even, they are in good condition, no dirt, but the hair is doign something weird on all of them. I think they came that way. Anyways, it's for 6 of them, Super Sailormoon, Chibimoon, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Mercury. Price for set: 12$

Sailormoon S backpack

This backpack is used, and as you can see the 2 stickers in the front have come off. But that doesnt make it bad, and you can cover it with something else easily. I'm 99% sure it's an official product. Also one of the straps at the bottom is fraying, so it either needs to be replaces, or just dont move it from where I already have it :x It's pretty big, and can fit paper in it. Ut has a flaap that clasps as well as a zipper. It's probably about 12-14 inches high and about 4 inches deep. Price: 8$

Sailormoon Handbag

This is small, I might have used it a couple times but it's in good if not great condition. It could fit your cell phone and othr items in it, so it's totally functional for going out :] It's about 6 inches high and has a zipper. Price: 5$

Sailormoon Plush handbag

This is SO cute! It isn't very used, I used it a few times but it's in great condition.. It's made of a sturdy cloth and is open (no zipper or button or anything) and it has a plush sailormoon on it. Way cute and functional, can fit a phone along with other necessities. It's about 6 inches tall. Price: 6$

Chibimoon bag

This bag is cute, it has Artemis and Chibimoon from Sailormoon S on it. It's an interesting shape, it's shaped like a cynlinder and there's a zipper on the side. The bag is about 7 inches tall and maybe 4 inches in diameter, pretty functional. It's been used but it's in good if not great condition. It also comes with a keychain on it, I put it there myself, it's clear and boot-shaped, and it has Chibimoon, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus from Sailorstars. Price: 6$

Sailormoon Sailorstars sweatshirt

I bought this last year in downtown LA, it's for kids but it's pretty big. I'm a US size S-M and it fits me fine, but it fits more like a top than a sweatshirt for me. So it could be used for kids or teens sizes. Never worn, in new condition. I bought this for like 30 bucks I think. Sorry for the awful pictures, one os closer to the color and one is a better shot of the art on the front. Price: 20$

The prices INCLUDE SHIPPING (no gimmicks here, like where the item is a dollar but "shipping" is 15$ or something), and I only ship to the US, sorry! I accept paypal and for orders under 20$, I'll accept WELL CONCEALED cash at YOUR OWN RISK! I promise I'm an honest girl :)

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