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Manga for sale!

In the hopes of saving up some money for prom, I went through my manga collection and picked out a bunch more titles to sell. In addition to this list, pictures of any of the manga can be seen at this journal (just click on the username and then the Books and Manga section which is actually only manga right now), if you're curious about the cover, edition, condition, etc.

So, onto the manga!

$6 Manga:
Battle Royale Volume 4
Battle Royale Volume 6
Battle Royale Volume 7
Battle Royale Volume 8
Battle Royale Volume 9
DN Angel Volume 4
DN Angel Volume 5
Doll Volume 3
Goku Midnight Eye Volume 1
Is Bitter Summer Volume 3
One Pound Gospel
Revolutionary Girl Utena Volume 1
Shutterbox Volume 1
Suki Volume 1
Tuxedo Gin Volume 1

$5 Manga:
Confidential Confessions Volume 1
Demon City Shinjuku Volume 1
Demon Palace Babylon Volume 1
DN Angel Volume 1
Dragon Knights Volume 2
Flame of Recca Volume 1
Flame of Recca Volume 2
From Eroica with Love Volume 1
Vampire Game Volume 1
The Electric Tale of Pikachu Volume 1

For those of you wondering, I prefer paypal, but I also accept money orders and well-concealed cash at your own risk. Shipping is not included (although I may cut you a deal if you buy more than one!), but I only ever charge exact shipping, via media mail. If you have any questions or just want to email me, my email address is Thank you for reading!
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