drowningofsoul (drowningofsoul) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Direct Sale: Innocent World Spring Jacket

I have for sale, almost like new, the following jacket by Innocent World:

The colour is a much darker black than in the pictures. It is in excellent condition as I try my best to keep these clothes in as good a condition as I can possibly manage. I saved the original bag, the original catalogue that came with it, and the original tags. It also came with two extra buttons; one of the larger velvet buttons going down the front of the jacket, and another smaller button which is used to attach the collar and capelet if you ever lose a button. The bows on the sleeves are actually a little bit different than from what they show you in the pictures, but not by much.

I'd like $250 which would include shipping to you. Again, I can only accept money orders or well concealed cash.

Thank you for looking.

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