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Yami no Matsuei/Descendant of the Dark [PROMO FUROKU ARTPRINTS]


Promotional Yami no Matsuei ARTPRINTS

Rare furoku item, from Hana to Yume 2002. These beautiful art pieces by Yoko Matsushita come on thick paper/cardboard, BIG SIZE (A3). Plainly wonderful. I've already put my own favourites in a frame and put them on the wall. ^^ COLLECTOR's item, not available for sale. (I had a hard time finding them!)

1. Tsuzuki&Byakko: ON HOLD
2. Tsuzuki&Hisoka: SOLD
3. Tsuzuki&Tatsumi
4. Tsuzuki - black coat: ON HOLD

5. Hisoka&Puppy!Tsuzuki
6. Tsuzuki- autumn
7. Kurikara
8. Tsuzuki - sitting : ON HOLD

9. Hisoka&dragon (kurikara) on background
10. Kijin
11. Koutaro: SOLD
[12. shows the whole set]

Prices: I'll make discounts on multiple purchases. Shipping will also be the same no matter how many you buy!
1 colour artprint: 15$
2 colour artprints: 26$
1 b/w artprint: 12$
2 b/w artprints: 20$
1 colour and 1 b/w: 22$

Prices are negotiable, if you buy more than 2 they will be even cheaper! Also, if you want an item on HOLD, I'll let you know if the item falls through (aka, previous bidder disappears/refuses/etc.)
I accept Paypal only (CC too) and ship anywhere in the world. ^^

Take a look at my selling journal, silent_saviour, for more collectibles, plushies, artbooks and yaoi doujinshi! ^^
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