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ABJD - SD Pink Converse Shoes and SoulDoll Wig

I bought some items for my doll, and unfortunately the shoes don't fit and the wig doesn't suit him.

I ordered these converse shoes from Cancan, and while they are lovely and cute with the little logo on them, unfortunately they do not fit my SoulDoll boy's feet.

Total asking price with shipping inside the US $10.00 + $1.00 if shipped internationally


Blonde wig from SoulDoll. Very versitile, long locks in the front, cut short in the back, size 8/9 good for a girl or a boy. The curls in the front are very easy to style and usually stay with a twist of your finger through them. Unfortunately, due to it being short in the back it doesn't work well for my Chacha.

Total asking price with shipping inside the US $20.00 + 1.00 if shipped internationally

Paypal is southerngals@gmail.com

Thanks so much for looking,

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