jacki (jackichen007) wrote in garagesalejapan,

direct sale: Baby the Stars Shine Bright BxW jumper SOLD

I have a btssb BxW jumper for sale!

I have only worn this at max 2-3 times

but i'll hand wash it or send it to the dry cleaners and get it ironed before sending it out if you want!

just let me know!

i accept PAYPAL and money orders.

however, PAYPAL is highly preferred.

for more questions please comment here or email me at oichen@yahoo.com



i tried to change the lighting a bit so you could see more details and contrasting...but i pretty much failed.

here they are anyways:

the bow in the back is detachable! =/
(you can't really see it well in the pictures)

let me know if you still want more pictures, etc.

Bust: around 32-34ish inches
Waist: around 30-31 inches (but the bow can tie it tighter)
Hips: free, but I wouldn't recommend more than 40 inches

for a VERY similar dress on, here is visual_addicts modeling her dress:

(i have her permission to link to her pictures)

i was looking at around $130.

i'm willing to do free shipping/cleaning if you are willing to settle at that price.

but, i'm willing to negotiate around $115~$120 total, depending on where you live! (i live in the US)

thanks for your time!

SOLD TO antiquebeast
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