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Random Covers

Arena37- June, 1998 Vol-189 Seen Here
hide- (memorial)13 pages + cover
Malice Mizer(w/gackt)- 8 pages, Merveilles tour
La'Cryma Christi - 10 pages
also includes: Fanatic Crisis, Iceman, Curio, Siam Shade, Heath and many other older bands.
(slight wear and tear- but what do you expect it's 7 years old-- all damage viewable in photo>

SHOXX- Feburary, 2000 Vol- 84 Seen Here
Dule cover- Pierrot (Jun +Aiji) and LyCryma Christi (Hiro, Koji)-- 28 pages!
X-Japan 10th Aniversery interviews+photos. -- 8 pages
Malice Mizer - 6 pages (Mana,Yuki, Kozi)
Shazna/Janne Da Arc/Lareine/Raphael/ La' Mule/ Plastic Tree/ SEX MACHINE GUNS

Shoxx July 2004 Vol- 137 seen HEREHERE

Fruige October, 2000- Vol #7 (Note this magazine is no longer in exhistance- which is why you might not have heard of it)
Malice Mizer- 16 pages.
Also- Fanne Da Arc, Vivid, e.mu, TRANSTIC NERVE, FANATIC CRISIS, Syndrome-- and more.
--NOTE: This is in mint condition, it doesn't evne look as though it's been opened (infact i don't think i had before now)--

Shoxx- January 2000, Vol 83
Malice Mizer (Mana, Yu~Ki, Kozi)- 24 pages
Pierrot, SEX MACHINEGUNS, Janne Da Arc, La'Mule, Kyoshi (hide with spread beaver)+ others

Shoxx- December, 2001- Vol 106
Malice Mizer- 24 pages (Mana, Yu~Ki, Kozi, and Klaha)
SUGIZO, Pierrot, Janne Da Arc, Plastic Tree, rice, La'Cryma Christi, Mucc, Kana, Kagrra, Due le' quartz

Miyavi covers Both seen Here

Shoxx bis N1
Miyavi- 18 pages
Vidoll, Kagrra, Shulla, Do-re-mi dan, Gazzete, Takayuki Tanzawa (Waive)

Shoxx Feburary 2004
Miyavi- 18 pages
Psycho le Cemu, Plastic Tree, Nightmare, FANATIV CRISIS, Moi dix Mois, Despairs Ray, Scissor, Shulla, Deadman

Dir en grey Covers All seen HERE

Arena37 January 2001 - Vol 220
Dir en grey- 21 pages+ Cover
Lucifer, Glay, Sex Machineguns, Porno Graffiti + others Pending sale.

Arena37 December 2001- Vol 231
Dir en grey- 18 Pages + cover
Gackt - 10 pages
Siam Shade, Lucifer, wyse + others

Arena37 Aug- 2002- Vol 238
Dir en grey- 23 pages
Rag Fair, TM Revolution, wyse, Dope HEADZ, + others

Gothic Lolita Bibles All three seen HERE
Note: Patterns are in tact and secured-- the only thing missing is the posters PENDING SALE

Volume 9
Mana, Aya, Miyavi, Kana + all other bible things

Volume 10
Mana, Kana, The cure, Aya + other bible things

Volume 11
Aya, Mana, Moi dix Mois, Kana + bible things

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