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SuperS DVD sale!

This sale is for the entire SuperS season of Sailormoon. This is being sold as a set. All DVDs come in their original cases (which includes reversable covers) and are first press, meaning they don't have the big "Signature Series" tag written on them. Each DVD is in near mint condition and are a GREAT addition to any anime fan's collection!

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There is no set price, please make me an offer, but take this into consideration:

I purchased vol 1 - 6 for $30 each at Suncoast and vol 7 at Best Buy for $20. So if I were to sell it for the same price I bought it, It would cost almost $200! I'm not asking for that much money but please remember that these DVDs are out of print and very rare. Please don't make an unfair offer :(

Payment Methods": Paypal is prefered (Canadians = Paypal only) but if you're in the US I may consider concealed cash!

Good Luck and thanks!

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