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17 April 2006 @ 08:48 pm
currently available, paypal or well concealed cash. US only. shipping included in price.

snow fairy sugar 'sugar baby love' single (with 'snow flower'), yoko ishida ...
tracks: 1. sugar baby love; 2. sugar baby love (cute version); snow flower; sugar baby love (karaoke); snow flower (karaoke) // some scratches on jewel case, cd and inserts good // $6

hello kitty everywhere // hardcover, dust jacket creased // $9

manga $5 each:
CLAMP campus dectives v. 1 (english)
angel sanctuary v. 8 (japanese)
angel sanctuary v. 9 (japanese)
fushigi yugi v. 4 (japanese)
under the glass moon v. 1 (english)

tenshi ni narumon (i wanna be an angel) postcard. $1.50
sailormoon rubber die-cut keychain. $2
Weiss Kreuz ken die-cut magnet. $2

hello kitty apple-scented glue (new). $2.50
my melody plastic child-sized chopsticks. $2.50

post if interested. thanks!