i think it's a girly name (chisato) wrote in garagesalejapan,
i think it's a girly name


Manga: (5 dollars a peice, or less for more books.) shipped.
Kare-Kano 1-15.
Snow Drop: 1, 4, 5
Angel Sanctuary: 1
Pita-Ten: 1
Aiyori Aoshi: 1
Paradise Kiss: 1
Kizuna-Bonds of Love: (Yaoi) 1
Gravitation: 1-9
Fake: 1-2
Crazy Love Story: 1
Dears: 1

Japanese Languge tools:

The Kondansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary.
Instant Immersion Japanese. (8 Audio Cds + box) 35-- Retails for 80 dollars
Talking about Japan Q&A (From Japan- Bilingual book-- so all is in Japanese and english) $10
250 Essential Kanji for Everday Use (Volume 1) - (Two pages used the other 240 are fine) $7

CD's: (all offical, purchesed in Japan by myself)

Utada Hikaru- Fist love $10
Malice Mizer- Mervellies (or however you spell it, too lazy to look up) $20
Dir en grey- Vulgar $25
Dir en grey- Macabre $25
Penicillin- Limelight $20
Penicillin- Into the Valley of the dolls $15
Penicillin- Missing link $20

Lucy-Rocirollica- 45
Fruits Basket (volume 1)- 15
Full Metal Alchemist (volume 2)- 15


Seen here
Janne Da Arc- 15
Miyavi - 15
Aya (Psycho Le Cemu)- 15 (Opposite side is Gothic and lolita mag art)

seen here
Gackt- 15

Fruits basket Keychain $2
Yaoi Seme bear $7

Sex Pistols bag From HELL CAT PUNKS. Originally 40 USD, Asking 15.
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