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Manga for sale

Selling a ton of manga (english versions) at my selling journal: tachikoma_sales You can check out the full list here: click! I've got some Shoujo manga, CLAMP volumes, Shounen Jump/Action titles, and more coming soon. Pictures available, and better pictures available upon request. Most titles are $4 or $5, or make an offer! Free shipping for $20 or more purchase.

50 Rules for Teenagers v1 $5
Alice 19th v1-2 $6 ea
Angel Sanctuary v3 (New) $6
Brain Powered v1-2 $5 each
Ceres Celestial Legend v1-4 (Like new) $26 shipped
Clamp Campus Detectives v3, New and includes color pullout poster. $5

Demon Ororon v2-3 $5 each
Fantasy Land 1 $5
First King Adventure v1-2 $5ea
Fushigi Yugi v1,2 $5 each
Girl got game v1 $4 Also a bit smoky smelling.
INVU v1-2 $5 each
Kare Kano v1,1,13 $6 each
Land of the Blindfolded 1 $6

Magic Knight Rayearth v1 $5
Musashi #9 v1, $5
Petshop of Horrors v1 $5
Planet Ladder v1 $5
Please Save my Earth v2 $5

Saint Tail v1,3,4,6 kinda worn (creased spines) but fine otherwise. $10 for all 4
Tsubasa v1 (2 copies), Brand new! $6.50 each
Under the Glass Moon v1-2: $8 both These two books and smell a bit smoky, bought them used.
Wish v1 $5
X2 (New) $6

I Accept paypal, non-cc and credit (no added fee, though there is a minimum), and ship (only) within the US. Not a lot of series runs, but a lot of volume 1s and 2s. Prices negotiable- make an offer; shipping media mail is free for buying $20 or more! Otherwise shipping is a flat $2 (or $1.60 for one book)
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