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an indecent and candid desire

4 Items for sale!


  • Kirito DOOR CD+DVD (sealed)

  • Gackt 2005 Calendar (sealed)SOLD!

  • PATI PATI Febuary 2006 #254

  • PATI PATI March 2006 #256

 Kirito Single $20   Gackt Calendar $35  PATI PATI $14.95  PATI PATI $14.95

All prices include shipping charges.
(shipping to the states only)
Item(s) info: click on images for larger view

I have an unopened Kirito DOOR CD+DVD (limited edition). Turns out, I really didn't like DOOR enough to open the cd XD;;

An un-opened Gackt 2005 calendar. I bought for a friend in xmas 2004 but never was able to give it to her. Sorry, I have no idea what photos are in it, like i said it's never ever been opened - still wrapped up in plastic, just like gackt himself XD. It's one of those poster calendars. I heard most of the photos are sepia like with heavy use of the soft lens camera. Here is a scan I found of the cover.SOLD!

PATI PATI APRIL 2006 #256, Features EXILE, YUI, W-inds, UVERworld, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, gackt, glay, TMR, WaT, K, AKFG, SID and more. Comes with EXILE stickers and YUI poster. I get PATI PATI through subscription so sometimes I get issues that I don't really need. This mag I have glaced through, found nothing of interest and put it away. Still in absolutly excellent condition.

PATI PATI FEBUARY 2006 #254, comes with extra cover, poster, features K, TMR, GACKT, Orange Range, RIP SLYME, WaT, UVERworld, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, saw SID in there too. Same thing with the other one, an issue I glaced through but found nothing of interest and put it back in the box it came in. It's in absolutly excellent condition.

Paypal buyers only, please. If you are interested in any of the items or have any questions, just leave a comment.
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