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J-Rock flyers, posters + a mag

I got some newish J-Rock flyers (seperately, no batches), but I'd trade too, and some J-Rock posters that I don't need, as well as the newest Gab. issue. Want to get something off of Y!Auctions and just need a few more bucks to cover up the fees + shipping. Don't get paid until next month and I need this noooow!! So if you want something please do consider leaving a comment, I'd be willed to lower the prices too. ;~;

T R A D E / S A L E


→ HeaRt ; Phantasmagoria SOLD ; AILE SOLD ; beaU ; Shelly Trip Realize (it's actually snowwhite and they're taking a bubblebath or summat. ...x_x)

D'AIRTRADED ; PureQ&A; bis SOLD ; Celia'xeno SOLD

alice nine (has tour-&releasedates on the back)SOLD ; Nightmare A & Nightmare B SOLD (speshuhl!!1 offer: both together for $1.50)

These are all, of course,in excellent condition, and all very recent (I'm not attached to them yet unlike it's the case with older ones, so please take them before that changes ugh!). Figured these might be the bands that'll sell.( ._.) I also have flyers of Rabbit, Moi dix mois, aki, Vergil, -OZ-, Jully, the Pumpkin Head and Jeniva, that I'd be willed to let go off. *has a hard time parting with flyers* xD


$1.00 per flyer ; when purchasing more than 2 each additional one will be $0.50. (for example 5 flyers for $3.50 instead of $5.00)
Or: Alice nine flyer + Gab. for $4.50.
Or: Both Nightmare flyers with Nightmare poster for $4.00


D'espairsRay, Phobia (I can take the crappyness of their photoshoots it's okay XD T_T), deathgaze (デスゲイズ), lynch., Shulla, GULLET, kagerou (蜉蝣), Lamiel, deadman, marusa (~査~マルサ), girugamesh (ギルガメッシュ) and V.A. with at least one of the bands. Ugh most of these are long shots but whatev. Underlined ones I'd seriously hump your head for (you can pretend I'm [insert artist]), but I doubt anyone has flyers of them. Please comment with a description or picture so I can see if I have the flyer(s) already.



Kisaki is scary ;x

2005. From CURE. Has never been on my wall, only been lying around in my mag. So, the condition is great! Like new! Hooray! Exclamation marks! Bands featured are Phantasmagoria, 12012, Kalen, KODOMO A and Vidoll.

$2.50 or highest offer.
Or: With Phantasma flyer for $3.00


2003. From Zy.[zi:]. Has never been on my wall, only been lying around in my mag. So, the condition is great! Like new! Hooray! Exclamation marks! *done copypasting* Double..sided (?) poster.

$3.00 or highest offer.
Or: With Kiyoharu Postcard for $4.00.

KIYOHARU Postcard with autograph

2003. From Zy.[zi:]. CD there for size reference. Like new, never really touched. Oh crap, nearly forgot, the autograph is printed!! ...not like you would believe it isn't.

$1.50 (look I have to win some money out of this) or highest offer.
Or: With Kiyoharu Poster for $4.00.

Nightmare Poster

Found some gold, yah Ruka?

2004. From SHOXX. Has never been on my wall, only been lying around in my mag. Condition is near mint. It doesn't have any damage (I'm just too dumb to take a proper picture that'd actually proove that), but a bit of the "whoah *sniff sniff* this is brandspankin new aaah~*rubs self on it*!!" feeling is missing cause the mag's so old. It's really as good as new though & been taken extremely good care of.

$2.50 or highest offer.
Or: Both Nightmare flyers with Nightmare poster for $4.00

Gab. No.20 (April 2006)

Just got this a few days ago! It's the most recent one. :) Didn't look much into it, only used it to scan it for a community and there I've been careful. So it's basically like new. It features Alice nine on the cover aaaand for example has:

Alice nine being tards, Plastic Tree being tards, Nightmare being tards, GHOST being tards, etc. It has a lot of backstage stuff as usual, as well as interviews, make up thinger with SANA from MASK, etc. Other artists featured are Aki (Sadie), Tsubuku (Billy), Scar., Charlotte, Shelly Trip Realize, ISABELLE, kinarura, amaterase, DuelJuwel, Michiru (MASK) x Yuki (HeaRt), Dolly, hime ichigo and more.

$4.00 or highest offer.
Or: Alice nine flyer + Gab. for $4.50.


PayPal (non-creditcard! edit: and no debit card either o__o).

Prices listed do not include shipping, but it would be around $1.50-4.00 depending on where you live. Items will be send out within 24 hours unless it's a weekend or holiday.

→ If there's someone who's willing to pay more, they'll get it (duh?). If you think the prices are too much, make an offer. Like I mentioned I have no problem with lowering the prices at all.

→ Pleaaaase, please note that the flyers and all posters have slightly different colours in RL. I accidently messed around with the settings of my cam, but the pic of the Under Code poster gives you an idea what they should look like!

→ Thanks for looking. (T_T)
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