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I have this H.naoto muffler i want to sell fast i can, so i'm taking offers otherwise it will back to the price i want it. The material is very soft and stretchy, is very good for cold weather and is BRAND NEW.if the offer is reasonable i can lower the shipping cost or even free shipping.
Length: 145cm
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Close up + Tags
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Lolita Tartan Dress include the coat

I bought this because i really like the tartan fabric and for a high price as well. I just have to sell it now.
Bust: best fit 34, or 32~36
Waist: 28max (ribbons at the back can be adjust)
Length: approx 70cm
Taking Offers

VW Handkerchief BRAND NEW

Length: 50x50cm
Taking Offers

K star Top
Length about 42cm not include the lace at the bottom
Fit 32~36 bust
Taking Offers

PAYPAL only please because i want to sell fast i can. Paypal: akasakura107@yahoo.com.hk
Also take a look on my selling journal Click Here include Sex Pot Revenge shirt, Peace now shirt, vw items, strawberry house gothic skirt and many many others still haven't sold yet.

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