Jai Graham (tartlet) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Jai Graham


FRUiTS-y jewlery & SOUNDGIRL shirt.

I will take best offers, and I do combine shipping if you are purchasing more than one item. I am just desperate to get this stuff out of my dorm room!

SALE: Pick three pieces of jewlery for $10!!

Anime Belt, Size Large
Funky belt featuring anime sketches all around. Covered in thick, durable plastic so the image lasts forever! Metal Buckle.

Asking Price: $10 shipped within the United States

Necktie Bracelet: $5 shipped within U.S.
Pleater sequins flower cuff: $6 shipped within U.S.
Yellow fishnet fingerless gloves: $6 shipped within U.S.
Blue & white bubblegum bracelet: $6 shipped within U.S.
Navy blue bubblegum necklace: $6 shipped within U.S.
Teal Chinese wooden bead necklace: $5 shipped within U.S.
Silver & Red sweatband: $4 shipped within U.S.
Teal & Purple sweatband: $5 shipped within U.S.
BRAND NEW Hello Kitty w/ 5 SEALED lipbalms: $6 shipped within U.S.
Pink & White broach: $5 shipped within U.S.
Pick any three pieces of jewelry for $10!!

Black & White chunky bangle: $6 shipped within U.S.

Ska-kid checkered bangle: $6 shipped within U.S.

Bubblegum pink necklace: $7 shipped within U.S.
Purple/White/Mixed armties: $4 each or 3/$10 shipped wtihin U.S.

The armties also work as perfect hair accessories, neck scarves, armties/bracelets, etc. They're awesometastic.

AUTHENTIC Soundgirl Top: Size Small

Asking Price: $20 shipped within U.S.

I'm clearing out all my FRUiTS-y stuff, as it's not really my style anymore and I NEED THE CASH desperately.

I only accept paypal, and if you buy more than one item, I will combine shipping/make deals. Make your best offer. And please don't waste my time. If you don't want an item, fine, please let me know. I hate to be strung along... >_O
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