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25 April 2006 @ 08:09 pm
New items added!

-Final Fantasy 8 Figures of Rinoa and Selphie
-Game boy Color with Harvest Moon
-EGL Bible pattern

Plus alot more!
-Plushies [Hello Kitty. Sonic. and Blossom of the Powerpuff girls!]
-american release mangas [Saiyuki.Fruits basket..]
-American comics[ Static X. Johnny the Homicidal Manic]

Check it out at- nanners_closet
Help me get to AnimeBoston and AnimeNext!!! ^3^!
Sorry if you see this twice on your FL! XD;;

[ps- people who have purchased things from me before with my other LJ name that is _kyochan_ , I would really appreciate feedback~]