Firsa Asahi (asahifirsa) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Firsa Asahi

Doujinshi for Sale (FMA, Gravi, Hikago, Howl's Moving Castle)

I'm leaving Japan on Monday and my bagage is still seriously overweighted. Those doujinshi will have to go till before I leave so if you can pay within that timeframe, please take a look under that cut :)

Categories: Gag, Shonen Ai (Kiss, Hug at most), Yaoi (Sex), Hard Yaoi (Explicit Sex Scenes)
Pairings: For FMA Roy x Ed unless otherwise stated, for Hikaru no Go AkiHika unless otherwise stated.
Payment: Only Paypal (I do take Credit Cards)
Shipping: I'm sending through printed matter so it's around $3 per doujinshi. I can send Airmail or SAL (usually 2-3 weeks).
Contact: Please contact me under Sil[at]blackbox[dot]net if interested. The early bird catches the worm or however that saying goes :)

1. Snow/Secret Love (Gravitation) by Matsuri Hinata, 28p, Shonen Ai, $6
2. Mamettsu (FMA) by Arc-tea House, 32p (12p Novel), Gag, Yaoi, $6
3. Petit Cherry Cat! (FMA) by Romantic Renai Mode, 24p, Catboy Ed, Shonen Ai, $8 (Recommended!)
4. Kayowaki Enajii (FMA) by Yellow Cab, 28p, Shonen Ai, $6
5. Century Lovers (FMA) by Yellow Apple, 60p, Hard Yaoi, $10
6. Shizuka naru... (FMA) by Mikoto Kanata, 20p, Yaoi, $6
7. Piece Out (FMA) by FMD, 48p, Yaoi, Envy x Ed, Al x Ed, $12
8. Black Snow (HnG) by Asa Yoriko, 44p, Yaoi (one illustration, otherwise Shonen Ai), $8
9. Split Up (HnG) by Red Data Book, 40p, Shonen Ai, $8
10. Flower Field (HMC) by Lotos Root Orchestra, 24p, Romance, $8
11. Toki no Mahoutsukai (HMC) by Brother Wolf, 16p, Romance, $6
12. Ark (FMA) by Wilbur, 30p, Shonen Ai, 2 Color Pages, $8

13. Yume no Arika (FMA) by Sachi Takatoh, 20p, Shonen Ai, $6
14. Max Mustang by Tonedemo8fun Works, 44p, Shonen Ai, $8
15. Kokoro to Karada no... by Meiji Kimera, 32p, Hard Yaoi, $8
16. Back Together Again by Spider, 38p (8p Novel), Yaoi, $6
17. Iron Maiden by Zunda, 52p (26p Novel), Ed wakes up as female, Shonen Ai (?), $6
18. Seisha no chi by Meiji Kimera, 30p, Hard Yaoi, $8
19. Itazura no Kamisama by Mischievous God, 28p, Hard Yaoi, $8 (Recommended!!)
20. Binah by Ren Misaki, 20p, Hard Yaoi (Threesome with Havock), $8
21. Illness of Love More Info Here $7 (Recommended!) Yes, I bought it twice...
22 & 23 More Info Here $6 each or $10 together
24. Vital Source by Love Mido More Info Here $7 (Highly Recommended!)

25. Love Revolution by Classic Milk More Info Here $12 (Recommended)
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