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26 April 2006 @ 11:15 pm
Doujinshi for Sale (FMA, Gravi, Hikago, Howl's Moving Castle)  
I'm leaving Japan on Monday and my bagage is still seriously overweighted. Those doujinshi will have to go till before I leave so if you can pay within that timeframe, please take a look under that cut :)

Categories: Gag, Shonen Ai (Kiss, Hug at most), Yaoi (Sex), Hard Yaoi (Explicit Sex Scenes)
Pairings: For FMA Roy x Ed unless otherwise stated, for Hikaru no Go AkiHika unless otherwise stated.
Payment: Only Paypal (I do take Credit Cards)
Shipping: I'm sending through printed matter so it's around $3 per doujinshi. I can send Airmail or SAL (usually 2-3 weeks).
Contact: Please contact me under Sil[at]blackbox[dot]net if interested. The early bird catches the worm or however that saying goes :)

1. Snow/Secret Love (Gravitation) by Matsuri Hinata, 28p, Shonen Ai, $6
2. Mamettsu (FMA) by Arc-tea House, 32p (12p Novel), Gag, Yaoi, $6
3. Petit Cherry Cat! (FMA) by Romantic Renai Mode, 24p, Catboy Ed, Shonen Ai, $8 (Recommended!)
4. Kayowaki Enajii (FMA) by Yellow Cab, 28p, Shonen Ai, $6
5. Century Lovers (FMA) by Yellow Apple, 60p, Hard Yaoi, $10
6. Shizuka naru... (FMA) by Mikoto Kanata, 20p, Yaoi, $6
7. Piece Out (FMA) by FMD, 48p, Yaoi, Envy x Ed, Al x Ed, $12
8. Black Snow (HnG) by Asa Yoriko, 44p, Yaoi (one illustration, otherwise Shonen Ai), $8
9. Split Up (HnG) by Red Data Book, 40p, Shonen Ai, $8
10. Flower Field (HMC) by Lotos Root Orchestra, 24p, Romance, $8
11. Toki no Mahoutsukai (HMC) by Brother Wolf, 16p, Romance, $6
12. Ark (FMA) by Wilbur, 30p, Shonen Ai, 2 Color Pages, $8

13. Yume no Arika (FMA) by Sachi Takatoh, 20p, Shonen Ai, $6
14. Max Mustang by Tonedemo8fun Works, 44p, Shonen Ai, $8
15. Kokoro to Karada no... by Meiji Kimera, 32p, Hard Yaoi, $8
16. Back Together Again by Spider, 38p (8p Novel), Yaoi, $6
17. Iron Maiden by Zunda, 52p (26p Novel), Ed wakes up as female, Shonen Ai (?), $6
18. Seisha no chi by Meiji Kimera, 30p, Hard Yaoi, $8
19. Itazura no Kamisama by Mischievous God, 28p, Hard Yaoi, $8 (Recommended!!)
20. Binah by Ren Misaki, 20p, Hard Yaoi (Threesome with Havock), $8
21. Illness of Love More Info Here $7 (Recommended!) Yes, I bought it twice...
22 & 23 More Info Here $6 each or $10 together
24. Vital Source by Love Mido More Info Here $7 (Highly Recommended!)

25. Love Revolution by Classic Milk More Info Here $12 (Recommended)