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Looking for the following:

Hello all~! ^_^

I'm looking for the following (trades are welcome if I have what you want of equal value):

1) H-Darts Sunglasses designed by Gackt (I most likely will pay for this if anyone has them/can buy them, not trade since these sunglasses are expensive)

2) Subarashiki Jinsei 3 Gackt photo book (trades welcomed and payments welcomed).

3) H. Naoto Tank Top (black preferred) and/or Hyde designed tank top (like from his "Hello" PV).

The following are up for trading to compensate price. So if you want to trade with me the Subarashiki Jinsei 3 with what I have, I will give you the equal amount Subarashiki Jinsei 3 cost with the trade.

Trading items:


1) Peach Girl vol.1 (Original price: $10, English translated, left to right format)

2) Clover (by CLAMP) vol.2 (Original price: $10, English translated, left to right format as well; I will double check if I really have vol.2 later)


1) Back issues of NewType Moving Pictures magazine (from 2003/2004 I believe); some have DVD previews, some DVDs are missing. (Original Price $10, without DVD I will lower the price to $7 and I will edit the back issues I have when I get home.)

2) Shounen Jump November/December 2005 issue (Original price: $5.00)

I am also up for just general trading if you may have something I'd like ^_^.

*Please keep in mind that if you wish to trade with me any of the following, the item you wish to trade must be of equal value or sums up to equal value.*

Thank you for reading :D!

P.S. Prices will be set once I look the prices up.
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