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SELLING: KAT-TUN DVD/Moi Dix Mois Poter/Jrock/Vk band flyers

The first attempt at selling these failed, so I'm hoping this time i'll get takers~ 8D
Selling A brand-new "Real Face Film" DVD by KAT-TUN and "Beyond the Gate" promotional poster by Moi Dix Mois

KAT-TUN - Real Face Film
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This is one of KAT-TUN's newest releases. This DVD contains:
-Real Face PV
-The making of Real Face
-Interviews, extra footage, etc..

This item is in perfect condition and never used.
price: $25

Moi dix Mois - "Beyond the Gate" promotional poster
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This poster is promoting their newest CD, "Beyond the Gate". This poster is also in perfect condtion, never used.
price: $10

Jrock/VK flyers
Most of these flyers are from indies bands, and I'm only charging a dollar a piece ^^;; I sincerely apologize for the condition they are in x.x;; but thats how Third Stage sent them originally u.u;;

I'm sorting by Band name and quantity. The ones with an (*) means that they are different flyers from one another.

Betty (1)
BLOOD (2) *
Kagerou (1)
12012 (1)
Shelly Trip Realize (1)
Fiore (2) *
Cannival Method (1)
The Pumpkin Head (1)
Kurara de Yoyaku (2)
Love Can (1)
Celestial Gate (1)
Beau (1)
Piass with R'as Testars (2)
Himitsu Kessha CodomoA (1)
Pure Q&A (1)
Dari/Pashya (1)
Shulla (1)
Kalen (1)
bis (1)
Kazoku (1)

Shipping Costs and Payment Options
I ship worldwide, so depending on your location will determine shipping costs(And also if you want to use EMS shipping or just registered).
And as for payment options, I accept pmo/ipmo, cashier's check, paypal, and possibly cash(at your own risk u.u;;)

any takers...? :D
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