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Anime Sanctum Auctions Sale

I am trying to get rid of alot of my Anime and Jrock stuff. I have been selling stuff on ebay on and off and now it is time to once again sell again. ^_^
things i have up for auction are Nightmare posters and flyers, Pierrot posters and flyers, Schwarz Stein Poster and Flyers AND one of the flyers is signed. A Psycho Le Cemu Magic Box. Trading cards from animes such as Magical Doremi and Sailor Moon. I also have Japanese Card Captor Sakura Items as well.

For anyone interested in Gothic Lolita Clothes, i have a dress up for sale as well.

Click here to go to my Auctions! ^_^

Also, I may be putting more things up for auction again. I will post again if there is anymore new items ^_^
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