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30 April 2006 @ 04:21 pm
currently available, paypal or well concealed cash. US only. shipping included in price. MAKE OFFERS IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE PRICE! PLEASE!

snow fairy sugar 'sugar baby love' single (with 'snow flower'), yoko ishida ...
tracks: 1. sugar baby love; 2. sugar baby love (cute version); snow flower; sugar baby love (karaoke); snow flower (karaoke) // some scratches on jewel case, cd and inserts good // $6

hello kitty everywhere // hardcover, dust jacket creased // $9

manga $5 each:
CLAMP campus dectives v. 1 (english)
angel sanctuary v. 8 (japanese)
angel sanctuary v. 9 (japanese)
fushigi yugi v. 4 (japanese)
under the glass moon v. 1 (english)

tenshi ni narumon (i wanna be an angel) postcard. $1.50
sailormoon rubber die-cut keychain. $2
Weiss Kreuz ken die-cut magnet. $2

hello kitty apple-scented glue (new). $2.50
my melody plastic child-sized chopsticks. $2.50

post if interested. and i'm serious about the making offers thing. this stuff needs to go. thanks!