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SHOXX Vol.88 2000 (Mana MALICE MIZER 28pgs. issue) + Cure Vol.23(Phantasmagoria+Rentrer en soi&more)

Hi Everyone, 

I'm selling my Shoxx Vol. 88 from 2000 (Back when Malice Mizer was still around) with poster still attached. 
Mana is the main attraction in this book, with the first 28 pages dedicated to a famous photoshoot with him. Other bands included are Rouage, Penicillin, Janne D'Arc, Sophia, Pierrot, Plastic Tree, Sex Machineguns, Cali-Gari, MUCC, Velvet Eden and tons more.  178 pages.

The attached poster. (4x the size of the book, still in cover) 

Just ask for more pictures, there are 178 pages and tons of pictures.

The book is in good but read condition.

15+shipping (I paid 30.00 on ebay -.-)

Cure Vol.023, Came out in August of 2005

Absolutely PERFECT condition.

Bands included are Rentrer en Soi and Phantasmagoria, doing a photoshoot together (and a look at their costumes), Alice9 (Alice nine?), 12012, bis, BLOOD, THE DEAD POPSTARS, Puppet Mammy, and tons more

There is a section on how to do your makeup like Certain Jrockers, A pattern on how to make a skirt, and much more.

Includes a shopping guide for street fashions like Gothic lolita, Gothic, Punk, etc. With Brands like Putumayo, Baby the stars shine bright, Betty's Blue.

There is a Fanart section, and a section for makeovers. This book is great for cosplayers or people interested in looking like Jrockers.

Phantasmagoria and Rentrer en soi

The poster, never used

Includes a pouch with a "Mystery Photo Card", Never opened.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, just Ask for them if you want more. ^.^


Thanks so much!

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