kurai_no_cho (kurai_no_cho) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Well I'm trying to make some room,so I'm selling some
stuff. Make an offer. If you are interested anything
below leave a comment or email me at destiny0310@yahoo.com.

Sailormoon Cloth Wallscrolls 45iin by 33 in
2 from the sailorstars season (group shots)
1 from the sailor r season with Future Queen Usagi and Chibi Usa
1 of Usagi and Mamoru at there wedding
Sailormoon RPG and Resource Book
Sailromoon :The Complete Book of Yoma vol.1
Sailor Moon Iron on Patch ( Usagi )
DNAngel file folder
Playstation 1( has all the cords and one controller)
Dragonball z Ultimate Battle playstation game
Final Fantasy Tactics playstation game
Castlevania Symphony of the Night playstation game
Soul reaver: Legancy of Kain playstation game
Gundam Seed Destiny Mobile Suit Pen case
FMA Alphonse poster (has different picture on the back)
1 pgk of Harry Potter House temporary tattoos

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