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Yaoi yaoi yaoi!

I'm cleaning out my shelves before planning to move, and this includes selling off some of my yaoi manga collection, which includes new and used books. All of the used books are in excellent condition and have only been read once, with minimal spine wear and jackets are still in perfect condition. In most cases new books are still in their plastic wrapping. I've included links to each of the books respective website sellers to provide images of the books as well as retail pricing for comparison.

Prices for the books are as is, and I accept Paypal, checks, and money orders.

Shipping costs:
Domestic (USA) -
1 - 3 items: $3
Every additional item is 50 cents

International -
1 - 3 items: $5
Every additional item is 50 cents

Shonen Ai -

Diabolo Series
Volume 1 (used) - $6
Volume 2 (used) - $6
Volume 3 (used) - $6

Yaoi Series -

Selfish Love
Volume 1 (used) - $8
Volume 2 (used) - $8

Volume 1 (new) - $10
Volume 2 (new) - $10

Desire (used) - $8

Sweet Revolution (used) - $8

Volume 1 (used) - $8
Volume 2 (new) - $10

Volume 1 (used) - $8
Volume 2 (new) - $10

Please wait for a confirmation before sending a payment. When submitting through Paypal please include your LJ name and shipping information. Send payments to If using an alternate form of payment please leave your email in a comment and I will contact you regarding payment and shipping information.

Thanks for looking! ^_^
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