that crazy jew (fujiappletan) wrote in garagesalejapan,
that crazy jew

In desperate need of money; selling things that have been lightly used. A lot of books, DVDs, and figures that have just been sitting on the shelves for a while. All products still in their bought state, for cheap prices. Haggle if you wish; I prefer payment by paypal but accept just about any form of payment.

Prices and images under cut.

Stickers $1.50 each, Shipped.

InuYasha Manga $5 each.

InuYasha Animanga $7 each, InuYasha Manga $3 each.

FMA volume one $5, JP FMA manga $6 each, FMA Official Fan Book $5, Characters Collection FMA book $12

Bleach Manga $5 each

FMA Art Book $10.00, Official Fanbook $7.00

Case Closed Manga $4 each, FLCL manga $9 each, Naruto Sticker Book $3, InuYasha animanga book $4.

InuYasha Figurine (large, US) $5.00, Sesshoumaru (large, US) $5.00, InuYasha Furuta figure $2.00, Miroku Furuta Figure $2.00, InuYasha Demonic form Figure $10.00, InuYasha DVDs $5 each.

InuYasha DVDs $5 each, InuYasha keychain $1.
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