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Hey everyone ^^ I have a few things for sale but not very much. Please take a look ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is a Japanese Yukata, which is a summer/spring kimono. ^^ I bought it a few years ago but I can never wear it T_T Its retail value is about $200+ But I'm not sure how much I'm going to sell it uhm so I guess I'll just take offers and whoever has the best offer will get it ^^;;

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I had my friend buy this for me in Japan but I'm too tall for it and I don't like to show my stomach. It is about a Medium but it is really stretchy. It could probably easily fit a Large. It is by Africa. T. Retail value was $20. I ask for $12.

None of these come with the obis because my sister tore them up in a fit of anger. T_T

Malice Mizer "Bara ni Irodorareta Akui to Higeki no Makuake"
I do not have a picture of it because of the flash. But it is in fair condition with slight scratches because of my younger sister. But it does not skip when playing. Retail value is $60. I'm asking maybe $25? (I'm no good at this stuff sorry ^^;;)

Miyavi "Galyuu"
This is one of Miyavi's first full length albums? It is in good condition ^o^ Retail value is $30, so I ask for $15.

Pierrot "Dictator's Circus
Bootleg T_T so $5
Good Condition too _-_

Money orders, personal checks or paypal. I cannot accept well concealed cash because I need to save this money in my banking account. Sorry!!

†Shipping and Handling†
If you want to know how much shipping is then please give me your zipcode so I can figure it out, I don't like to just set a price because sometimes it will be too much or too little. And tell me how you would like it sent, especially for people who live in other countries ^^
Thank you! X3~ My email address is: reiyuko@hotmail.com

Thank you for looking ^^ Sorry I don't have much T_T

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