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Jrock CDs, traditional music, anime DVDs, manga.

Pierrot - Heaven - very good condition. Slip cover + booklet. CD case is partly broken (came that way new, grrr) but can easily be replaced. It's just that it doesn't snap shut as nice as it should.

Gackt - the Sixth Day - very good condition. all original stuff comes with it (mini calendars, little card thingie, etc)

Gackt - Moon - good condition, but worn as it's an old CD.

Gackt - MARS - again, good, but worn even more because it's old.

I also have Malice Mizer's Merveilles and Miyavi's Gagaku that I will onyl sell for a very good price. Also Nightmare's Heaven, which is in excellent condition but I seem to have misplaced the CD.

Also, a completely BRAND NEW never been listened to Sakura - a musical celebration of cherry blossoms. I'm guessing it has cherry blossom related music on it.


Blue Seed volumes 1 and 2
fine condition, normal wear. DVDs play well and each have 7 whole episodes on them. :P


Gunsmith Cats (5 volumes) excellent condition. Can give titles of each volume if interested.

Kasho no Tsuki (shounen ai-ish!) in chinese. volumes 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9. minor wear. I don't read Chinese.

No prices posted; just make an offer.

Ask for more details. I can provide scans and any info you want of any items. This post was done hastily as I just want to get rid of these things quickly :)

Also I don't know how much shipping will be. Probably $2-$3 per item, but you'd probably know better than I. Of course I'll get the prices before you pay. Combined shipping also works. And I'll accept concealed cash, money orders, and most likely paypal.

thanks for looking :)
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