stripesflutter (stripesflutter) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Manga and VHS sale~

The following items are on sale. All are in very good condition with little shelf-wear unless noted!

English Manga:

Kill Me Kiss Me Vols. 1, 2  $3.50 each
Demon Diary Vols 1, 2 $3.50 each
Prince of Tennis Vol. 1  $3.50
Saiyuki Vols. 1, 2  $3.50 each
Fruits Basket Vol. 1 (some wear on cover) $3
Yu-Gi-Oh Vols. 1, 2 $3.50 each

Shonen Jump 2004: Issues 13-19 21-24 $2.50 each *all issues are in very good condition*


Serial Experiments Lain: Navi  (Episodes 1-4; english dubbed. Outer cover has some wear.) $4

Payment: Money orders and checks, though well concealed cash is at your own risk. I do not take Paypal.
Shipping: Ask me for details concerning specific items. I usually ship by Media Mail, but will use other services if necessary.

If you're interested in buying, email me at or leave a comment. Thanks! :)
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