The Anti-Social Socialite (emiko) wrote in garagesalejapan,
The Anti-Social Socialite

Trigun Stuff

Since my fiance and I are moving, he's decided to let go of his Trigun toy collection... All in one swoop. All of it goes. No splitting the stuff up if you just want one thing- You gotta buy it all, unless you find another buyer to take the other things.

The Vash figure that everyone has.

Shiney Red Vash

Mini Vash

Wolfwood figure w/ Chapel

Mini Wolfwood

What's her name figure

Mini Knives :D


Wolfwood zippo-style lighter

Wall Scroll

Random accessories that I have no idea what goes with whom.

We'd like to get at least $30.00 for the lot, but whoever comes up with the best offer gets it all. We accept non-cc Paypal only at the moment. Shipping on the toys is $8.10 (flat rate shipping). Wallscroll is about $5.00 Priority mail.

Thanks :D

*edit Aha, feedback! Since this is a joint effort on both our parts, our user names on eBay are 'emikosaturn' and 'normal42'. I dont think I have any feedback anywhere else atm, sorry~
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