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Jai Graham

FRUiTSY Clothes!! Get a new Summer Wardrobe!!

Hello cupcakes,

I'm cleaning out my closet some more. This post's theme? LOTS AND LOTS of cool tee shirts by Soundgirl, Paul Frank, Rampage, Wet Seal and some others.

Okay, I snuck some accessories in there, too. :) I really need money for Anime Boston next weekend, so any sale helps!

Because I am so desperate for cash at the moment, I only accept PayPal buyers. I am a verified seller. :)

Also, shipping & handing is not included in the prices of my sales anymore (I was LOSING money, which is never good), so they will be calculated on an individual basis using USPS online. Comment if you're interested, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

AstroBoy Shirt, Size Medium

For a shirt that had so much interest initially, I still have yet to sell it. I bought it from a rather pricey import store in Boston, and paid $40 for it. It's so comfortable, and supposed to be baggy. Looks great with a belt around it.

Asking price = $20 (That's HALF, kids.)
Payment Pending/Sold. Thank you for your purchase!!

Stripey Rosette Tank Top

Another deal that fell through. Get it while you can!

Asking Price = $8

Authentic SoundGirl Rainbow Polo, Size L

Purchased for $38. It's so comfortable, and features rainbows and hearts in the buttons and an adorable pocket at the bottom!!

Asking Price = $22 or Most Reasonable Offer

"You're Just Like Me" Puppy Tee-Shirt, Size L

By Wet Seal. Features two adorable puppies in a handbag with the text, "You're Just Like Me". I loved this shirt so much, but it's time for some new clothes.

Asking Price = $8

The Kings Daughter Shirt, Size M

By Rampage. Originally purchased for $50 or so from Macy*s. Unique shirt with a Grecian print and the words "The Kings Daughter" discreetly printed across the front. Also features rhinestones, and awesome cutsew-style sleeves.

Asking Price = $22 or Most Reasonable Offer

Batz Maru Envelope Purse by Sanrio

Hit the beach with this fun, compact envelope purse by Sanrio!

Asking Price = $10

Crocheted & Sequinsed Beanie, Brand New With Tags

Asking Price = $4

Buttons Bag

Purchased for a lot of cash, this snap-closure bag is covered from front to back, top to bottom with buttons of different colors. It's a real head-turner.

Asking Price = $20

Military Olive-Green Skirt, Size 11 by Gasoline

Okay, I know it's a skirt, but it's pretty short and looks much better over a pair of comfortable jeans or leggins than it does on its own. Layering is in, and this piece is perfect!

Thanks for Looking!!
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