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20 May 2006 @ 11:32 am
Need to part with some things before moving  
Paypal only, please make arrangements asap because I am moving on Wednesday.

1 Moon Child Photobook. No signs of wear, includes poster that was never used. $40 OBO.
2 Gackt For Dears Photobook. One of his best photobooks ever imho. $55 OBO.
3 EROTIC GacktxYou yaoi doujinshi. $10 OBO.
4 PATI PATI January 2003, Gospellers, Gackt, w-inds., GLAY, access, TMR, Charcoal Filter, J, SOAP, FLAME, LEAD, etc. Comes with pinup/poster of Gospellers on one side, and two Gackts on the other (there is a tear in one of the folds that you won't notice if you tape whichever side you decide is the back.) $10 OBO.
5 CD Data July 5 2003. Rag Fair, Gackt, FLAME, Da Pump, Zone, etc. $6 obo.
6 Junon January 2003. Gackt, w-inds., FLAME, etc. Missing a few of the fashion pages and the back cover. $5 OBO.

7 B-Pass January 2004, comes with poster. $10 OBO
8 Fool's Mate December 2004, TatsurouxGara Beautifool's 04, PIERROT, Janne Da Arc, Miyavi, Gazette, etc. $13 OBO.
9 Fool's Mate December 2003, Kiyoharu, Beautifool's 03, Dir en grey, BUCK-TICK vs Marilyn Manson, PIERROT, X JAPAN, etc. $13 OBO.
10 Shoxx July 1998, LUNA SEA (with poster that's never been used), MALICE MIZER, SOPHIA, FANATIC CRISIS, etc. $15 OBO.
11 Shoxx April 2004, Psycho Le Cemu, Plastic Tree, FANATIC CRISIS, Mucc, Miyavi, Nightmare, etc. Comes with PLC poster that has a pinhole in each corner. $15 OBO.
12 Fool's Mate March 2006, Janne Da Arc, PIERROT, Gackt, Kiyoharu, Gazette, etc. $13 OBO.

No damage unless I say there is.
Posters have slight residue from masking tape on back corners unless I say they have never been used. This residue is easily removed with a little bit of tape or a special goo remover, but it's not very noticeable.
Please make an offer if you think a price is too high.
Feel free to ask questions or request another couple of photographs.
Please be ready to send payment as I need to ship this stuff before I leave the country on Wednesday.

I can ship media mail if you want, it's cheaper! Please leave a comment telling me what it is exactly you want and I'll reply with shipping cost. I suck at estimating unless I know precisely what items I'm talking about. XD

PAYPAL ONLY at this time, because of the time deadline. Comment to ask for paypal address please. :D Thanks for looking!
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the girl with kaleidoscope eyesil_pleut on May 22nd, 2006 02:13 pm (UTC)
yey :D

awww not at all, go right ahead if you want. n_n
the girl with kaleidoscope eyesil_pleut on May 22nd, 2006 11:53 pm (UTC)
i sent it all today, only i was stupid and underestimated shipping. oh well!

i hope you get them soon!