KooGooShii (koogooshii) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hey! Im looking to get rid of a few jrock things, asking price for the x japan message cd is $50usd + shipping, these are rare and distrubited only at a concert in 1990, contains a 20min interview with the member of X Japan, there are currently no seeds present in the case, these go upwards of $500 some places (theres on ebay atm for that much) but often they sell for around 10,000 yen in used cd shops here in tokyo

I also have a first press HIDE YOUR FACE cd for sale, asking price is $30 USD + Shipping
First press cds of this can get expensive, i paid 10,000yen for my first copy, i just happened to grab an extra one, condition is, cd is scratched but playable with no sound problems, a cd doctor or whatever would fix it up nice though, comes with hard plastic outter shell, plastic clear hide your face cover, 3d booklet casing and cd booklet, condition of case and everything is good with only a few small scuffs along the spine of the case, these are very rare even here in japan and i dont have room to bring it back with me to canada, email me at ' dueljewel@hotmail.com if interested, or pm me XD
pictures stolen from yahoo! sorry, i didnt have my camera on me

leave a message if interested, prices are negotiable, i can give a good deal for both together
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