Willis_neko_vcr (willis_neko_vcr) wrote in garagesalejapan,

ok... i know this isnt anime... but i justify putting it here because the wachosky (sp?) took most of their inspiration from anime so its all good... i hope... (please dont delete me mods!!!) i have a 6 foot tall box tower for the release of the matrix revolutions DVD... this was shiped exclusivly to Video stores and should have been distroyed when they were done with it... but i have it... it features Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, The Twins, Niaobe, Smith, and Italian Chick with hips that dont stop (i cant remember her name) this is just an informal post just to see if any of you are intrested... im putting it up for 40 dollars minimum... that includes shipping and insurance... i have pictures but not right now... if a lot of you are intrested then please rell me... if you think i am priced too high then tell me also... i'll try and get some Pix up in the next day or so... i'll make a new post so you cant miss it...Thanx

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