akasakura (akasakura) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I have this beautiful BTSSB replica one piece to sell, I bought it from last seller which she only worn once. She's dry clean the clothes before she send it to me. I only tried on once. I'm not really sure what the materials are made out of, but is thin and stretchy, but not stretchy as the cotton one. In my opinion is one of the best replica I seen so far. I can tell is more than 90% look-a-like. You don't see this replica often because is very hard and take long time to make. Some other companies that can make this replica are not good as this one as well. Fukada Kyoko worn this in first Shimotsuma Story interviewed. It's very limited.
Bust: best fit 34' or 32~36
Waist: best fit 24' or 22~28
Length about 94cm.
At the back there's a big ribbon that can attached to it, waist can not be adjust because whole ribbon can take it off, or i can say the big ribbon only for decoration, the waist can stretch because of the fabric.
I'm asking for 80usd
Is kind of a heavy item so shipping cost to USA/Canada about 20usd, shipping to the rest is 25usd
Payment i only accept paypal, non cc paypal and cc paypal accepted. thankyou

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