denkiva (denkiva) wrote in garagesalejapan,

one day left for Deity tour Deadly Claris shirt on ebay...

I thought I should post a reminder, I have an extremely rare Type of Deity 2000 Deadly Claris Tour shirt up on ebay. The yellow macabre version is more common, this red one is pretty rare and impossible to find...

auction ends Sunday May 28 at 5PM PST

Front text on shirt: Deadly Claris
Deadly Claris began with the suggestion of Dir en grey since 1999.

This shirt is in EXCELLENT condition, it has never been worn/washed and the colors are vivid black and red. The Deadly Claris label is intact and in excellent condition.

The tag says MEDIUM shirt, but it is RATHER SMALL. If you wear a SMALL SIZE this will probably fit you. If you wear an AMERICAN MEDIUM size, this might be too tight for you. The sleeves are 3/4 length.

Here are some HUGE images:

any questions please email me at: denkiva at

my next item for sale will be a 1999 Gauze tour book...
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