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New Items//Different Prices and Policies

Please feel free to make an offer and help me save up for an apartment ^__^-or rather..things for the apartment!

***this boxset has a transaction pending on it-though I haven't heard back from the person who was going to purchase it-if you are interested just reply to this post and I'll be happy to let you know if the sale does not go through ^___^***
Brand NEW (uhm..seriously ^^;;) Kaleido Star-Amazing Collection DVD Boxset (thin pack)

Authentic-100%, this is the entire Amazing Collection. The DVDs themselves haven't even been opened (save 1..the first disc..and it went from the DVD straight to the case). It just wasn't my type unfortunately :/

It's really very unfortunate that I have to get rid of it. I'm setting a price of $25 dollars-shipped for it ♥

*I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in a Wolf's Rain boxset?? It is in Japanese ONLY with English subs and doesn't come with the last 3 episodes that they added later on. I can get pics and details and it plays perfectly on any DVD Player/PS2 etc.
It has a couple of very fine scratches on the disc because my little brother borrowed it..but this does not effect playablility.
I just don't know if I want to sell it-but if anyone is interested then please let me know ^_^.

--I have 100% Buyer/seller feedback on Ebay
--It comes from a smoke free home and is BRAND NEW
--Item can be shipped TODAY if purchased today
--I really..really would prefer PAYPAL over anything else.
--NEW Policy:for bulk sales I will offer a discount. This could be any combination of items.
--for any of the items besides the boxsets I would love to trade-and I LOVE manga SWAPS :D
♥ Thanks so much and please check out my other listings if you're interested. ^^
Please take a look!! I have items from Fullmetal Alchemist,Chobits,Cowboy Bebop,Negima and more!
*MOST @ 5 dollars shipped or less! :D*

Neon Genesis Evangelion-"Death and Rebirth"-Brand New!!!-make an offer
Kurt Cobain "Journals" book-original release with jacket-make an offer
(it's just sitting in my basement sadly ;_;)

--I may be posting more items later on.

(the bunny HK and the one on the far left in the striped shirt are gone ;_;-the only one who doesn't have tags is the one holding the stars...oh yeah and the McDonalds keychain)
*Make me an offer on these as well-please give them a good home. Pumpkin will be hard to let go of ;_; lol
**PLEASE take one of these home with you-I don't want them to end up in the basement ;_:

--FMA "ENVY" figure-trading arts. VERY much so Brand New!-$6 shipped
--Faye Valentine figure-Also Brand New -$5 shipped

--"Ah! My Goddess!" Sympathy for the Devil manga $4 shipped
--"Chobits"-Volume 1-Brand new ;_: I got one for a gift right after I bought it $4 shipped
--"Negima!" Volume 1-Also Brand New!! same senerio x_x; I have 2, I only need one. $3 shipped
--ALIVE-American Eagle Perfume, in box, but a tad bit is used. $3 shipped
--"Animation Herione" Vol.1 191 pages-Is written is JAPANESE and features important anime heriones from the 60s to th 90s-with pics, bios, etc. SUCH a nice book! I bought it though and didn't realize there was a small tear in the jacket for the cover:

Otherwise, it is a beautiful book and VERY RARE!! You can't even find it on Ebay. -$13 shipped
--Wee little Harry Potter figure.. LOL -$3 shipped
--I don't know if anyone collects these masks anymore- they are beautiful but I have no need for them-any offer on these will do. These are basically $3 shipped together
--Batman Begins promo pin, I also have a Goblet of Fire pin.~These are $2 shipped each or $3 for both shipped.

Huge manga lot-including 2 animerica extra and manga blast!...I really need to get rid of these x_x; will sell seperately or together. Some have minor shelf wear.
*These, make an offer*
--monchichi (sp? LOL)-transaction pending ^^
shipping is included to US buyers-otherwise, please ask for a quote.

I may find more items in the future, but please help me along! Thanks so much for looking !!!
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