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02 June 2006 @ 06:40 pm
for sale!!  

Psycho le Cému's Psycho in USA, Kagen no tsuki~Last Quarter~ DVD
J-rock/pop CDs incl: UCP: High Style Paradox IV, L'Arc, Utada Hikaru, SPEED, The Alfee
heaps of visual kei flyers to choose from starting bid USD2, bulk-buy discount apply
authentic BA-TSU top and sunhat, REVIVAL zip up/parka
ViVi Feb '03 issue: Ayumi cover, CUTiE July '05 issue: Avril cover
ONE PIECE Nico Robin money bank figurine
MANGA (Japanese text) all BRAND NEW
incl: NANA, Ouran Koukou Host Club (桜蘭高校ホスト部), boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru (僕は妹に恋をする), bokura ga ita (僕等がいた), sho-comi manga magazine
authentic JE Takizawa Hideaki goods: shitajiki/pencil board, concert uchiwa/fan

all items located in Australia
shipping & handling NOT included on the price listed.
books are generally HEAVIER, shipping will be a little more than other items listed.
manga shipping: books/tankoubon = USD 4 (flat rate), please enquire for the magazine
flyers shipping: USD 3-4
refer to the F.A.Q. & How To section for more informations.