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DVD/Manga Sale

HELLO AGAIN!! I am here to tell you that I am going to be reposting some items for sale ^____^ Also I am going to be listing quite a few new items as well *nods* YATTA!!! The same as before, give an offer on what you would think is fair. You can give offers here in a comment, in an E-mail to: thelazybum69@yahoo.com, AIM Message to: Doomed Baka Neko, or Yahoo: thelazybum69. For Payment Options are: Paypal, Concealed Cash (at your own risk), checks and Money Orders. ((Checks and money orders need to be given time to be able to get to the bank to actually cash it or prove its authenticity, thankyou))


1.) Ah! My Goddess Pack
This figure was purchased about a year ago from Hobby Link Japan for a little over $70 without shipping and has been in it's box since arrival. The box has been sitting upon a shelf for people to admire since then. It is in perfect condition and very much worth a good amount of money. Along with this figure comes the DVD "Ah! My Goddess the Movie". It has been watched a couple times but is still in great condition! The only problem is a minute amount of damage on the corners of the DVD box.


2.)  Marmalade Boy Boxset Volume #1
This is the first boxset of Marmalade Boy Episodes ^___^ It has been watched once or twice and still works perfectly


3.) Neon Genesis Evangelion "Iron Maiden" Manga and Colored Information book on Eva

These Manga are a series, volume #'s 1 - 4. Also, there is a colored book in all Japanese that appears to be the manual to a video game. They are all in wonderful condition and are to be sold as an unsplittable set. 


4.) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Boxset #1

This is an American purchased DVD set (Purchased at Best Buy for $100 about 2 years ago). It is in Great Condition and the DVD's within have only been watched once or twice tops.

OFFERS MADE: $50 (Pending)

5.) Badder Santa DVD
This DVD was recently purchased under the impression that it was a sequel to the original "Bad Santa" but unfortunately it wasn't T____T It's just a more...how do you say...Ecchi (perverted) version of the original Bad Santa. It actually has never even been opened ^_^ As you can see by the celophane still on the DVD along with the original price sticker ^_^.


6.) Shoujo Kakume Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
These are DVD'S 1 & 2 of the "Rose Collection" which are basically the first episodes to the series, DVD 1 of the Black Rose Saga and Utena the Movie ^_^ The movie has been watched a few times but is still in perfect working condition. The other DVD's have only been watched once or twice tops and a are in Great condition as well.

OFFERS MADE: DVD #1 + Movie = $20 (Sold)   [[DVD 2 & Black Rose Saga DVDs still available]]

7.) Love Hina DVD's # 1 & 3

These are two DVD's from the Love Hina series. They were purchased last year in Best Buy and the only reason 2 isn't in this situation is when these two were bought, no other store in the mall carried number 2 ^___^;; so it was little jump..oh well right? Anyways, they are still in great condition ^__^!


8.) The Gokusen DVD's

These are the 3 DVD's to "The Gokusen" Boxet. When purchased a few months back, the store clerk made the statement that it was like a female version of "Great Teacher Onizuka". It was kind of like it but definately not as good in my opinion *nods* It wasn't as much of an interest so hence selling ^_^ There is slight damage on the bottom of one of the boxes as in the picture shown below.


9.) Witch Hunter Robin DVD
This is a Region 1 anime DVD of Witch Hunter Robin. The back states that it includes Episodes #11-14. The DVD has only been watched once or twice altogether and is still in great condition ^_^. 


10.) GoldenBoy DVD

This is the DVD for Goldenboy ^_^ It includes all of the episodes to the short series of this anime. It's only been watched once and was purchased..yet again...at Best Buy ^_^;; wow never realized how much I liked that place til now hehe. Anyways, it is in great condition ^_^.

OFFERS MADE: $10 (Pending)

11.) Cutie Honey Anime DVD

This is a DVD that...yet...again...purchased at Best Buy >.<;; It is Collection 1 and 2 of the series *nods* It is very good condition and only been watched once or twice.


12.) Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime Manga
These are the manga books for Neon Genesis Evangelion that are Anime based. The books are in Japanese so more of a collectors item ^^ Unless you're amazing and can read Japanese writing hehehehe. They are Books 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. They have been looked at once or twice but generally have been kept shut and in good condition on the Manga/Book shelves.


That is all for now ^____^ I hope you enjoyed the viewing..although sorry for the short sweet descriptions..never was good at explaining elborately about such things ^_^;; Anyways, Unlike the first time it doesnt matter about anything being split up like it did before ^_^ Maybe it will sell better that way...anyways, the only thing obviously that can't be split up are disks from Boxsets...Boxsets like the BSSM stay together...those DVDs go altogether in one box..so they stay in one box ^_^;; hehehehe. But all the other stuff is fine otherwise.

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