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Anime pins, charms, etc. clear out sale

Hello! I've got a ton of items including pins, charms, scrolls, dvds, doujin, and various other goodies from several different anime for sale. Please take a look!

I have items from the following series available:

Samurai Deeper Kyo
Sailor Moon
Please Teacher
Ranma 1/2
Wolf's Rain
Cowboy Bebop
Weiss Kreuz
Peacemaker Kurogane
Hikaru no Go
Dokodemo Issho
Fruits Basket
Angel Sanctuary

Prices are as marked, but feel free to make me an offer on the item/items you want. Just don't expect me to say "Yes" automatically. :D I will ship worldwide!

First up, I'm selling off my anime pin/charm/keychain collection. I have a few in un-opened condition, many in pristine non-package condition, and a few that are "well-loved." I've priced them accordingly, based on condition and quality.

{{Shipping for all of the pins, charms, coin purses, and keychains is like this:
In the US: $3 for first item, $1 per additional item, maximum shipping $5.
Outside of the US: $5 for first item, $1.50 per additional item, maximum shipping $9.}}

$6 each pins:
A - Marie from Please Teacher
B - Jiraiya from Naruto {SOLD!}
C - Itachi from Naruto {SOLD!}
D - Hotohori & Nurkio from Fushigi Yuugi {SOLD!}
E - Chichiri & Tasuki from Fushigi Yuugi {SOLD!}
F - Kakashi from Naruto

$2 each:
G - Sesshoumaru pin from Inuyasha (has some scratches on the surface)
H - Kenshin pin from Rurouni Kenshin {SOLD!}
I - Yuki/human form charm from Fruits Basket {SOLD!}
J - Yuki/mouse form charm from Fruits Basket {SOLD!}
K - Shippo pin from Inuyasha (has some scratches on the surface)
L - Hiko pin from Rurouni Kenshin (has some scratches on the surface) {SOLD!}
M - Kirara pin from Inuyasha (has some scratches on the surface) {ON HOLD}

$5 each pins:
N - Yuki from Fruits Basket {SOLD!}
O - Tohru holding mouse-Yuki & cat-Kyo from Fruits Basket {SOLD!}
P - Kyo from Fruits Basket {SOLD!}
Q - PenPen from Evangelion
R - Genma-panda from Ranma 1/2 {ON HOLD}
S - Homura from Saiyuki {SOLD!}
T - Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki {SOLD!}
U - Son Goku from Saiyuki {SOLD!}
V - Sha Gojyo from Saiyuki
W - Genjyo Sanzo from Saiyuki {SOLD!}
X - Kougaiji from Saiyuki

$4 each pins:
Y - Kamui from X/1999 (has a few very light scratches on surface) {SOLD!}
Z - Ed from Cowboy Bebop (has a few light scratches on surface) {SOLD!}
AA - Ein from Cowboy Bebop {SOLD!}
BB - Cat-Kyo from Fruits Basket (has a few light scratches on surface) {SOLD!}
CC - P-chan from Ranma 1/2 {ON HOLD}
DD - Kirara from Inuyasha {SOLD!}
EE - Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha
FF - Kuronekosama from Trigun {SOLD!}

$3.50 each pins:
GG - Wolfwood from Trigun
HH - Yohji from Weiss Kreuz
II - Aya from Weiss Kreuz
JJ - Sano from Rurouni Kenshin {SOLD!}
KK - Aoshi from Rurouni Kenshin {SOLD!}
LL - Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon {SOLD!}
MM - Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon {SOLD!}

Varying prices:
NN - Iruka charm from Naruto $7 {SOLD!}
OO - Kakashi charm from Naruto $7 {SOLD!}
PP - Shikamaru charm from Naruto $7
QQ - Gaara charm from Naruto $7
RR - Tetsunosuke/Susumu keychain from Peacemaker Kurogane $10
SS - Tomonori charm from Juvenile Orion $5 {SOLD!}
TT - Tsukasa charm from Juvenile Orion $5 {SOLD!}

$6 each pins, new in packages:
UU - Kakashi from Naruto
VV - Tsunade from Naruto
WW - Naruto from Naruto
XX - Sakura from Naruto

$7 each charms, new in packages:
YY - Rock Lee from Naruto
ZZ - Kakashi from Naruto

Ban Mido pin from GetBackers $6.

$9 each metal coinpurses from Naruto
#1 - Shikamaru/Neji
#2 - Kakashi/Iruka {SOLD!}
#3 - Gaara/Lee

Other items:

The following items are not included in the shipping combos of the above items.

Prices of all items below this include shipping, however.

Yondaime (4th Hokage) metallic poster from Naruto. $10 {SOLD!}

Kakashi & Naruto metallic poster from Naruto. $10

Fabric tapestry w/ reversible whiteboard from Naruto. I will include dry erase markers. $25 {SOLD!}

Paper scroll with wooden dowel of Renji from Bleach. Hard-to-find item. $25

Bamboo scroll from Sailor Moon. $20

Rare Hana to Yume fabric scroll from Fruits Basket. $25 {SOLD!}

Super hard-to-find decorative pillow of Yukimura from Samurai Deeper Kyo. $45 <--Price not negotiable, I'm not looking forward to letting this go.

Hikaru no Go shounen-ai doujin anthology. Front cover/back cover/sample page. I don't know much about this series, but the book appears to have multiple pairings. Approx. 200 pages. $15

Saiyuki semi-transparent pencil board. $8 {SOLD!}

Saiyuki opaque pencil board with different images on each side. $8

Evangelion Day-by-Day desk calendar from 2002/2003. Brand new condition, pictures are the cover and a sample page. Very lovely illustrations for every day. $27

Wolf's Rain dvds and collector's box. These are licensed, Region 1 dvds. All dvds are in perfect condition, and have only been watched once. $13 each, collector's box is $5, or $2 if you also buy dvd(s) {Volume #5 SOLD}

Super cute Dokodemo Issho arcade prize, new and unopened. Takes 2 AAA batteries which are not included. This item is a water-level reporting buzzer that you use in the bath to keep from overfilling it. $25

Cute cosplay item, Yuri's necklace from Kyo Kara Maoh. Licensed product - blue pendant on a brown cord necklace. $15 {SOLD!}

From Naruto, Tsunade's necklace. Licensed product - comes in a nice wooden case, pendant is made of metal on a black cord necklace. $20

Japanese-language Loveless manga. Volumes 1 and 2. $9 each {SOLD!}

Japanese-language Loveless manga. Volumes 3 and 5. $9 each {SOLD!}

English-language doubt! manga. Volumes 1 and 2. $6 each

English-language Angel Sanctuary manga. Volumes 1-4. $6 each {VOLUMES 5-8 SOLD!}

Fruits Basket Illustration book. (Artbook) $25 {SOLD!}

Naruto "Uzumaki" artbook. $20 {SOLD!}

Fruits Basket Character book. In Japanese. $15

I accept all forms of PayPal, and it is my preferred method of payment. If you would like something, but need to pay by a different method, ASK ME FIRST, ok? ^^ My eBay feedback can be found here.

My PayPal address is: ( thesaraghina@livejournal.com )

Please email me or comment here if you have any questions, or would like to purchase something. If you purchase more than one item from the lower listings, that have shipping included, I'll give you a shipping discount.

Thank you for looking! ^_^
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