scholar of war (eliminate) wrote in garagesalejapan,
scholar of war


I hope this post is allowed, but if it's not I'll (sadly) delete it. I'm not selling anything, rather I would like to know if anyone has this following photobook (Gazette) and are willing to sell it to me?

Verwelktes Gedicht
Published: 10-2005
B4 Size / 80 pages / Hardcover
First press limitation: includes [Kare Uta]-CD
First Press limitation [5000 copies]
CD [bonus]
01. Kare Uta

If you do, I'm willing to pay with Non-CC Paypal or (very) concealed cash. If you don't want to sell it, but know where I can get a copy, please PLEASE let me know. Also, if you are willing to part with it, but would rather do a trade, I have a crapload of English manga, anime, wallscrolls, etc that I'd ship to you. I'm not going to part with my CDs, though. D:

Thanks so much!

ETA: If you don't want to sell the CD, but will sell the photobook, I'm fine with that too.
ETA2: If you name a price, I'll most likely pay whatever you ask. I'm very desperate for this book.
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