Yuki (shiroi_yukiko) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Anime & J-rock Stuff for Sale~~

Re-listing some things from a few weeks ago. Paypal preferred, no trades (sorry!), any questions just leave a comment! Thanks for looking! ^____^

CDs, DVDs, Death Note doujinshi, manga, and a few other things

++Angel Sanctuary Postcard Book ($15)

++Revolutionary Girl Utena T-shirt ($10)I'm assuming the size is large, but it's still in the plastic, so I'm not 100%.

++FAKE VHS dubbed ($3)

Death Note doujinshi
++Renai Shinrigaku ($20, yaoi, LightXL, kissing, but nothing graphic)
++Kimagure Tenshi ($20, yaoi, LightXL, very graphic...)

Manga (English)
++Les Bijioux Vol.1 & 2 ($5 ea.)
++More Starlight to Your Heart Vol.1 ($5)

J-rock Stuff
++Dir en grey "Filth" single, 3 tracks ($5) SOLD
++LAREINE "Saikai no Hana" single ($5)
++SHAZNA "Gold Sun & Silver Moon", 2 discs, first press, special mini-disc ($10)
++SHAZNA "Melty Love" VHS ($5)
++SHAZNA "Dear September Lovers Live at Budokan '98"box set ($60)

Includes: (Image of the stuff!)
1. poster
2. concert video
3. t-shirt (never been worn)
4. postcard set
5. notepad w/ clipboard
6. heart-shaped notepad
7. large badge
8. keychain
9. lipstick case
10. sticker sheet
11. photo booklet
12. phone strap
13. face cloth
14. pencil case
15. plastic carry bag
There is wear on the box, but everything inside has never been used, except the video

Japanese Movies (unsubbed, region 2)
++Oboreru Sakana DVD ($10)
++Chinese Dinner DVD ($30)

(Both of these movies star IZAM, ex-Shazna. The first is a police buddy movie about a detective and his cross-dressing partner [not Izam, he plays the owner of a club]. The second is a suspense thriller about a hitman. It all takes place in one room in a restaurant and there are only 3 actors! It's a really awesome movie and DVD was really expensive...)

Other Movies ^^
Troy DVD ($10, only watched once)

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