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15 Magazines for sale // Music, Fashion, etc.!

Hi everyone. I'm putting up 15 brand new magazines for sale! Yes, that's a lot! So, please take a look! :D Please note that as my associate hasn't done an inventory count at the moment, we're not sure how many of each magazine is in stock right now. Most of them, however, has more than one for sure! Please do not hesitate to comment saying you want a certain magazine even if someone has already commented before you! Once he has done an inventory count, I will reply to tell you whether or not there is one for you!

All currency in USD.


US: Media Mail (8 days) - $3.00 unless otherwise stated. // Insurance: $1.50
Canada: Airmail Letter (4 - 7 days) - $6.00 unless otherwise stated. // Insurance: $1.50
International: Please inquire. // Insurance: $2.00

If you would like other methods of shipping/handling, please do not hesitate to ask! Methods we offer include the following:

US: Media Mail, Parcel Post, Priority Mail, Express Mail
Canada/International: Surface Letter, Surface Parcel, Airmail Letter, Airmail Parcel, Global Priority, Global Express

Payment Methods

We accept the following:
Money order
Well concealed cash (at your own discretion)

Certain payment methods would have to pay an additional 3% + 0.40 transactional fee.
Please note that an 8.25% tax is subjected to residents of California.

The items!

Animage June 2006 // $17.00
Cover: Gundam Seed
Contains 40 pages full colour. Specials include a Hirai Hisashi Artbook 1.5 (which is a pre-release of Artbook 2 special) and special cards of Kira and Lacus. Featured animes include Ouran Koukou Host Club, Tsubasa Chronicle, School Rumble, and more!

FINE BOYS +PLUS Oshare Hair Catalogue // $16.50
Cover: Matsumoto Jun
Qty: 1
This magazine features men's hair style and has a couple shots of Matsumoto Jun on the inside.

Moussy 2006 Summer Collection // $25.00
Moussy official 2006 Summer perfect catalogue book. For those that are not aware, Moussy is a brand in Japan, and becoming rather famous now. This catalogue comes with a Moussy premium T-shirt.

ViVi July 2006 // $16.50
Cover: Kumi Koda
Shipping: US - $3.50 // Canada - $9.00
Fashion magazine. This issue comes with a special ViVi x STNY collaboration Samantha Thavasa Love charm, which is in the shape of a gold heart.

Sweet July 2006 // $17.00
Cover: Ayumi Hamasaki
Fashion magazine. This issue comes with a special 22.5 x 35 x 8 cm Moussy beach bag.

Popteen July 2006 // $12.50
Cover: Ayumi Hamasaki
Teen and fashion magazine.

Songs July 2006 // $14.00
Cover: V6
Features a KAT-TUN live report!

Duet July 2006 // $13.00
Cover: Arashi
This issue comes with special KAT-TUN metallic cardsheet. And other featured artists include KAT-TUN, Kanjani 8, Yamashita Tomohisa, Tacky & Tsubasa, and other Johnny's Jrs.

Potato July 2006 // $13.00
Cover: Okada Junichi (V6)
Pin-up artists are Okada Junichi and Arashi. Features KAT-TUN and Kanjani 8.

CD DATA July 2006 // $12.00
Cover: Utada Hikaru
Center interview features Glay - 8 pages.

Newsmaker July 2006 // $15.50
Cover: W-inds
Contains Hyde, TMR, Chemistry, Uverworld, RAG FAIR, etc.!

Fool's Mate June 2006 // $17.00
Cover: Merry
Contains PIERROT, Janne Da Arc, Gazette, Psycho le Cemu, etc.

Arena 37C Special Vol.27 // $23.00
Cover: Gazette (in Budokan)
A special two-sided Gazette poster and approximately 100 pages full of Gazette!

SHOXX July 2006 // $20.00
Cover: Gazette
Features 20 pages of Gazette.

SHOXX bis No.8 // $25.00
Cover: MUCC
MUCC - 26 pages
Plastic Tree - 14 pages
Psycho le Cemu - 14 pages
Vidoll - 14 pages
Moi dix Mois - 10 pages
jealkb - 13 pages
Special: Large MUCC Poster

Comment if interested and remember, there probably is more than just one of each mag. so don't hold back on commenting even if someone else has already!

Also, feel free to comment with any questions!

Feedbacks here! Please feel free to read or leave feedbacks.

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