KING OF DIAMONDS (miya_666) wrote in garagesalejapan,


Hi there
Stuff for sale:

hide plushie
hide CDs
hide handphone strap
jrock laminated cards
Card captor sakura merchanise
Malice Mizer CD

Offical Items:

hide plushie[ on hold]

Condition: ok~
Asking for: 20 USD

hide figurine

Condition: Box very slightly damaged but never opened
Asking for: $15 USD

hide guitar picks

Condition: Brand New
Asking for : $ 8 for both

hide mechanical pencil[SOLD]

Condition: good
Asking for: $10

Tune up: hide remix

Condition : good
Asking for: $10USD

Bastard Eyes: Zilch remix

Condition: Good
Asking for: $15

Beauty and stupid single [sold]

A Close up

Offical Goods

Malice Mizer: Gekka no Yasoukyoku

Condition: Good
Asking for: $10 USD

Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Pin badges
4 pin badge set

Condition: Brand New
Asking for: $18

Your Under Arrest
2 pin badge set

Condition: Brand New
Asking for $10

Card Captop Sakura Key chain

Condition: Good
Asking for : $8

Card Captor Sakura Pin badge[sold[

Condition Brand New
Asking for: $8

Non Offical goods

Laminated wallet pictures
$1 USD each

Unoffical Goods

hide Handphone strap

Condition: Good
Asking for $8

Post Card size print

Condtion: Brand New
Asking for: $1 USD each

All prices exclude shipping from Singapore
Pay by paypal only

Non-CC please.
If by CC please add 4%



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