Vitani (nozomu_bunny) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Spiral drama CD for sale (seiyuu fans, look!)

Would anybody be interested in giving a Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~ drama CD a new home? I purchased it for a pretty penny on auction, and it is an authentic item imported from Japan. Comes in a glossy cover, book-like case with full-color info booklet included.

I thought I had a bigger scan, but this is all I have on file right now. If you're interested in a larger picture of the cover or booklet images, please feel free to ask!


Ishida Akira ... Narumi Ayumu
Sasaki Nozomu ... Eyes Rutherford
Kawasumi Ayako ... Yuizaki Hiyono
Hayao Takeshi ... Akatsuki Kousuke
Horie Yui ... Takeuchi Rio
Mitsuishi Kotono ... Narumi Madoka

I originally purchased this because of Sasaki-sama, however as usual, Eyes has not much to say in the story and what dialogue he does have is nonchalant. I like to hear my favorite seiyuu speak with emotion, plus it's missing my favorite Blade Child, Kanon Hilbert, on top of all that - so I'm not real interested in keeping this. In fact, I only listened to it twice in the three years I've had it. o_O Needs a new home.

Anyway, I'm asking $17 for the CD + $3 shipping and handling (within the USA). That's only $20 total.

I prefer a Money Order as payment, but will also accept a personal check or PayPal. Sending cash is never a good idea. And sorry, I will not ship overseas anymore.

Please email me if you're interested, have any questions, or would like to haggle the price. I'm a very flexible seller with 100% positive feedback on eBay (just would like to avoid the fees there).

Thanks for your time! ♥
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