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Jrock Shirts!!!

I'm going to take offers on both of these for just a day or two only because neither of them are still available for sale as far as I'm aware, I'm not sure what I want to charge for them, and it'll give multiple people a chance at them. So make an offer!!! As of right now, I have buyers for both shirts since I hadn't heard back from any of the other interested parties

Also of note: I live with two cats, so you may get a bit of fur free of charge. XD But I will roll the lint and what not off as best as I can. ^^

Alright, someone was kind enough to pick this shirt up for me at one of deadman's European shows. Unfortunately, I'm not happy with the way it looks on me. T_T It's been tried on a couple of times, but never actually worn. It's a baby-doll style T-shirt and that tag says Lady L. It's really fantastic and I wish it fit me properly, but since it doesn't and I need the money, I'm going to let it go to someone else who can wear it. Starting @ $15 please. ON HOLD



Okay, I bought this Diru shirt at their show in Austin for SXSW. Again, never been worn. I keep wearing the black shirt I bought, but have never worn this one. Apparently white isn't my color. D: This is a regular T-shirt in size L. Open for starting bids on this one. ^^ SOLD




I really prefer PayPal and do add 3% to cover fees. Shipping will be $5 each within the US and Canada. Anywhere else and I'll have to check for you.

If you really can't use PayPal, I'll take a money order or well concealed cash at your own risk. I mean that last part too. If you send cash and I don't receive it, there is nothing I can do.

No matter what, the money needs to be in my hands by Monday July 3rd. If you cannot pay before that time, please do not bid.

Anyway, thanks for looking and [hopefully] bidding. XD

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