Jai Graham (tartlet) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Jai Graham

Taking Offers

These two items are not on crayon_ninja, my sales journal, but I am willing to take offers on them because I really need to pay down my commission bill!!

GameBoy Colour First Generation in PURPLE.
- Has one tiny scratch on the screen which is not at all deep. I didn't even notice it until my brother pointed it out while he was cleaning it. Otherwise in perfect condition.
- I'll throw in the carrying/organzing case as well, which comfortably stores games and the unit itself.
- Pictures available upon request.

Miasto (Evangelion) Cellu Club Print
- Only availble via vending machines in Japan, so they're hard to come by in the US.
- Envelope is signed by English voice actor.
- Same material and feel as a real animation cell.
- Mint condition!

Cell itself.

Envelope signed by voice actor whose name escapes me now, but I can happily find it for you.
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