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Nintendo Shirts, GBA Games, and PS2 Games for Sale, and other Video Game Stuff...

Hi! I'm selling some shirts and games! I am a reliable seller, with feedback in a lot of places, if you want to see any, just ask! I send items out within 24 hours of receiving payment, so if you want things fast I'm the girl to go to ^_^

Shirts! (All have been worn, although some more than others. All have been washed! Check description for important details for each.) I'll say it now. I have big boobs, and I have shirts that are not for small framed people. I'm sorry! Some of the shirts do run smaller than their size though.

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I love this shirt! It's a size 2XL, and originally from Hot Topic, so as you know their 2XLs run smallish. I'm asking for $12 shipped, it was originally $22. The only problem with it is a slight spot near the bottom, which you can't see unless you are looking really hard. I wouldn't sell this if it was an obvious spot, but I want to give all the details! Has been worn a few times.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This shirt has been worn quite often in the 2 years that I've had it, but it's in great condition and clean :D Size XL, originally from Hot Topic. Asking for $12 shipped, was originally $22.

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Yar, this shirt has been worn maybe 4 times. I love it, but I need money T_T In great condition, clean and ready to go home with someone. Size 2XL, but is yet a bit bigger than the other 2XL I have for sale. Asking for $12 shipped, was originally $22 at Hot Topic.


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I originally got this in a trade but I didn't want it and the girl told me to just keep it. Has a few surface scratches that appear to not effect play, I went through a few minutes of the game and it seems fine. Does not have an instruction manual. Asking for $6 shipped.

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This is sealed and brand-new! I got it as a gift, but if someone else could use's in perfect condition. It's an RPG. I'm asking for $20 shipped.


Namco Girl Gashapons $8 shipped
Image hosting by Photobucket

Any Namco fans out there?

PSOne White Dualshock Controller Make an offer
Image hosting by Photobucket

I don't think I've ever used this, so I consider it like-new condition. I think it's pretty T_T

PSOne Turbo Controller Make an offer.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Turbo controller. Opened but never used.

Thanks for looking, please comment if you have any questions or want anything. I take Paypal, MOs, and Concealed Cash (at your OWN RISK). I only hold things for 3 days.
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