joisu_chan (joisu_chan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

HYDE in SF Tickets: for sale and/or trade

Sadly the people going with me would not be able to go anymore.
I will be at the 2 concerts and if there's anyone that still need ticket/s, please contact me (chibijoisu at gmail dot com).

I have   2 tickets (cost $18 each) for Slim's and 1 for the Fillmore (cost $27.50 + convenience charge $8.40 + order processing $4.60 = $40.50).

If there's anyone also willing to trade any of the mentioned tickets for the HOB Sunset strip, please contact me also or this person (mikaelatakarai07 at yahoo dot com).

Please contact me before July 4th as I will be leaving for California early morning that day. Thanks!
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